Right on Red AFTER a Full Stop!

3 May

I got a nice treat in the mail the other day, it was a small collection of pictures and a video of me driving. The last time I was on a website looking at pictures of me driving it was from Watkins Glen. I had the option to purchase prints of me driving around the race track in various sizes. This time the payment was mandatory and there are no prints coming my way.


Yes, I was the victim of a red light camera. At first I watched the video and said “hey! Right on red is allowed there, what the heck?!”. Eventually I realized that the ticket was not for making a right on red, but for failing to come to a complete stop before doing so. I came really close to stopping, but it’s true, I rolled through a little. I’m not here to complain or say it was unfair; obviously, I’m not pleased, but I get it. My real goal here is to prevent any of you, our many readers, from suffering the same fate. I’d wager that all but the most hard-assed cops would have let me slide on this one, but the traffic cameras and the people that work them are unfeeling robots and they see only right and wrong. So if you want to avoid getting a ticket like this you really need to come to a full, deliberate stop for like a full second so even a machine can tell you irrefutably came to a stop before turning right on red. It may make the person behind you beep, but it could save you 65 bucks.


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