Secret Garden

30 Apr

This weekend Corinne went to Atlantic City with her Mom and her sister, so I decided I’d do a little surprise project so she’d have something neat to come home to. As we posted about before, the area by the front door was a real mess, so we cut down all the bushes. I decided this is what I would tackle.

My first order of business was to load up on mulch, I did this first because I wanted to make sure I got there while they were still open. Eventually I wound up at Big Valley, where I got 1.5 cubic yards of black mulch.

If you have a truck, this can be a much more economical way to purchase mulch. It also helps to be able to pull the truck right up to where you going to use it. I then commenced the back breaking process of getting all the rest of the roots out of the ground and turning all the soil to a depth of about 8 inches.

Then I dug a big hole to accommodate the tub for the best part of my project, the water feature!

Next I dropped the tub in place and tweaked the hole until the tub was level.

Once that was settled, I raked out the dirt so it was even and graded properly to have a gentle slope away from the house, and then it should have been time to lay down the mulch.


However, I knew that when the first weed grew I’d hear how I should have put down landscape fabric. So I did. Now when the weeds pop up I can say, “Hey, I put down landscape fabric, what do you want from me!?”


Ah yes, mulch, finally. It was starting to come together. Next up was to decorate the water feature so it didn’t just look like a plastic tub. I got some slate tiles and dug up a few rocks to surround it.

Last year we had gotten a little fountain kit in a bucket and I finally got to put it to use. The kit came with a pump and a stack of bluestone pieces with a hole through the middle. I set that in the middle of the tub on a few bricks to get it to the right height for the intended water level. Then it was time to fill ‘er up!

Once it was full I tested the pump, set in the underwater light I got, and ran the wires for both. I also added another decorative rock and a few flowers. We intend to add a little more plant life, but for now it’s a pretty huge improvement over what we started with.

To say that Corinne was surprised is an understatement. I heard the car pull up and I’m just glad she remembered to put it in park before she jumped out! She was ecstatic! We finally have our very own water feature and a little curb appeal to boot!


Not the best shot, it's tough to get a picture of this thing with the lighting not being too harsh.


A view at dusk with the lights on


One Response to “Secret Garden”

  1. Melinda May 1, 2012 at 10:46 AM #

    That is ADORABLE!!! LOVE it!!!

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