So long, Bandit

24 Apr

Bandit - Germany

Today was a sad day at Titus Road, because the garage no longer houses “Bandit”, our 2008 BMW 135i.

He’s moved on to a new owner, and he will be sorely missed, but the memories (soon to be chronicled in an EXTENSIVE post I’m working on) will live on. This car, despite the precious few miles we put on it, was a big part of our life and it probably hurts more than it should to have to let him go, I can attest that I may have been more than a little misty this morning after Corinne and I took one last spin. He really has been part of so many great memories for us, and the source of lots of joy, so we’ll miss him… a lot. We had a little German dinner tonight in his honor, just like we did the day we picked him up.
For someone who does not make seven figures, this really is one of the ultimate cars you can get from a performance and fun-to-drive perspective, but he really was so much more to us than a fast car, and I realized on the drive to his new home that as much as I will miss the car, it’s really the memories I have such strong feelings for, and they’re ours to keep and they will live on in our hearts, and in our photo albums and stories forever.

Bandit - Montauk

Stay tuned for the history of “Bandit”


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