Inspection Passed!

20 Apr

I had made an appointment for 11:00 AM for the inspection and they made a big point of how the appointment was AT eleven, so when 11:30 came around, and the guy hadn’t shown up, I decided I should check up on things to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake. They apologized and said there was a little miscommunication but he would be there in 5 minutes. So he did show up and headed straight to the backyard.

He remarked how it had been a long time since he had been by, and asked me for a copy of the plans. He looked around and did a little tight walk act and walked all over the deck looking around. He was mostly pleased with our work with a few caveats…

One thing he asked us to do was to add more hurricane ties to the header that is farthest from the house for uplift prevention. So we’ll have to add those on every other joist, not a huge deal but a bit of work because it’s a little tight working in there with the 12-inch spacing.

The other issue we have to deal with is that we came up a little short on one part of the double headers, and we added on a little piece to fill in the gap. He wasn’t too happy with that so he asked us to sister up that header with another 2×12 for a few feet to support the corner of the deck a little better.

He also mentioned that we need to make sure that our stair stringers land on solid masonry, not dirt, and that the landings should also be masonry so that the rise can’t change as the earth settles.

He also told us to keep in mind the stair rise spacing from the deck to the level of the existing porch. Apparently stair spacing is a big part of the building code, so we’ll be sure nobody has to lift their feet more than 8.25 inches on our deck.

The inspector was kind enough to make these suggestions and leave it to us to take care of them, instead of requesting another inspection before we proceed. So, we’ve reached the next step – we can move on with the decking! Our next inspection is the final inspection, so we’re on our own ’til then.


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