Too Crowded

16 Apr

We were trying to clean up the front yard a bit when we stopped and looked at the front of the house and said, “What can we do with all of these bushes?”
The bushes by the front door are out of hand and they’ve never really been taken care of, so they’re all grown into each other to the point where you can’t cut them back at all because they’re all bare underneath. It’s not a great look, just a bunch of mismatched, overgrown bushes.


We decided that the only solution for these bushes, like most of the other ones on the property, was to get rid of them. They were too far gone and not worth the effort it would take to make them nice again. Plus, we want to put our own touches on the house, so we started choppin’! Four of the bushes in particular had very substantial root systems and I really had a hell of the time digging and cutting them out with an axe. I really beat myself up a little but we did get them out. So now we’re left basically with a big dirt area.

We’re not going to go too nuts with this area, probably just a bunch of mulch and a few plants.. At least it neatens up the entrance a bit!


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