Shed behind

15 Apr

Our neighbors behind us had an old shed that was slightly damaged in the hurricane, but more from years of being in the shade, as it had a good layer of moss on the roof, so I’m sure it had some good rot going on. Our current shed in the far corner of our yard is in similar condition but a replacement may be on the horizon.

So one day I came home from work early and there was a noise that I could not figure out emanating from somewhere nearby. Finally I went to the bathroom, and I could see that a couple guys were going at the old shed with Sawzalls.


I figured they decided that they just didn’t want to look at it anymore, and it wasn’t too pretty from our side either so it seemed fine with us too. The only problem, we soon realized, was that their shed had provided a perfect privacy screen between their rear deck and our soon-to-be rear deck. Luckily, this concern was short lived as a few days later framing began on a new shed.


The roof on this one appears to be a little taller, it’s actually a decent size building, so we really should not have to worry about seeing past it. This view really gives a good idea of what view it will be blocking.


Initially, for about a month anyway, the back of the shed was very unfinished looking, and the difference between the different T1-11 panels was very apparent and not very good looking, but finally they came back and did some finish work and trim and now it is pretty clean and neat looking.


Speaking of clean and neat looking, I wonder if they always intended to rebuild their shed or if they were unhappy with the view that removing the old shed revealed, since they now had a straight view of our unfinished deck and yet-to-be resided exterior where we installed the new sliding door!


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