Weber Delivery Complete!

14 Apr

No sooner than I published that post this morning did another box arrive at our door step!

It contains the entire Lid Bale assembly, which the melted parts are part of. That flat metal piece you see in the box was also warped a bit so it’s nice to have a replacement for that as well. The Lid Bale is basically a place to put the hot lid when you remove it to tend to the food on the grill so you can have your hands free and not put the hot lid down on something it could damage.

If you notice in the picture, on the outside label of the box it says “Happy Grilling!”



It will be happy grilling once our grill is in Tip-Top shape again thanks to the kind folks in Shaumburg, Illinois!

Just to keep the content flowing and for posterity I’ll probably post an update when I actually do the install.



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