Partial Weber Delivery

14 Apr

Well, when I spoke to the guy at Weber and he told me they’d be sending us our replacement parts, I believe he gave me an estimate of 7-10 business days for delivery. But when Corinne came home for lunch friday, our new grill grate was waiting at the door already! We haven’t gotten the other parts yet, but we’re only about 3 days into the 7-10 day window so I’m fine with that. For now I popped in our new grill and snapped a picture of its gleaming chrome surface in the sun, I think I captured the newness of it pretty well in this quick iphone pic!



I’m contemplating holding on to our old grate for when we want to put a pizza stone or griddle or something on, because I think those might concentrate heat on the grilling surface and could potentially warp the new guy.

When we get the other parts delivered there will be a little disassembly required so at that point I’ll probably give the grill a thorough spring cleaning inside and out so he’s all tuned up for the summer. Speaking of which, we might only have about 16 bags of charcoal left in our stockpile… better keep an eye out for that sale!


In other Weber news I stopped in to Glen Head Hardware’s new Outdoor Living center, which is essential an entire Weber store, they have just about every possible Weber accessory you can imagine as well as a pretty extensive line of grills, both gas and charcoal. I think they also had either Wolf or Viking outdoor kitchen components built into a little masonry outdoor kitchen display in the showroom, that was pretty cool as well. While I do like Glen Head Hardware, and their sister store, Sea Cliff Hardware, they’re not exactly known for their low prices, as most local shops can’t compete with the big box stores like Home Dinko. So, I was pretty excited to see that it looks like they are charging the same price as Dinko and Amazon for the 22.5″ Weber Smokey Mountain that I’ve had my eye on (I have to confirm this to be sure, but I’m hoping I’m correct). I’d really prefer to give the money to a local store when possible, but at the same time it would be a tough pill to swallow to pay $100 premium for that, so it’s nice to be able to support the local guys AND get a good deal.


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