Weber Customer Service…

12 Apr


Last summer we had our Weber Performer Grill really cranking with some hardwood lump charcoal, and apparently we overdid it a bit because we actually melted part of the grill and warped the cooking grate! The temperature on the built-in thermometer was off the scale, so it was easily 700 degrees or more. This resulted in the little plastic bushings on the lid-holder dripping down the side of the grill pan!

I emailed Weber customer service about the issue and they gave me an 800 number to call for warranty parts replacement.

Well, I finally got around to calling last night, and I must say it was a delight to talk to the person at Weber. First of all, there is no touch tone driven menu system, a real person in the United States, who actually works at Weber and knows their products, answers the phone. This alone is enough to put you in a good mood when calling a customer-service line. I explained my issue to the guy at Weber, and we both turned to the same page in the instruction manual so we could refer to the exploded parts diagram about which parts needed to be replaced. He told me that it was all covered under the warranty, they were sending out the parts free of charge, and we should expect to receive them in about a week.

After all the business was settled, I thanked him for his exceptional help and told him how much we love our grill and all the stuff we cook on it. We shot the breeze for about 5 minutes about different barbecues and grilling, and barbecuing ribs and stuff. We talked about how I was thinking about adding a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker to our outdoor cooking fleet, and he told me how his friend had just gotten one and how great it is, but to make sure I go for the bigger one if I plan to do large amounts of meat at once, which I had just mentioned. This wasn’t just salesmanship, it was a genuine conversation. It really was very refreshing to speak to someone at a company who was not just knowledgeable about the product, but actually enthusiastic as well!

There are lots of companies that make BBQs, you can see them all at Home Depot and other stores. A lot of them tend to be cheaper, but I don’t think that many of them actually make their products in the USA and stand behind them as much as Weber does. This company gets a big thumbs up from me.

I’ll probably do a little write-up and take some pictures when the parts arrive and I install them, so stay tuned for that.


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