Inspiration Trip

11 Apr

Jer and I recently got back from a week-long vacation with his family in the Bahamas! The trip was actually our first big getaway since purchasing our home over a year ago. It was absolutely wonderful to sit on the beach and relax, dine out at some great restaurants, and swim in the ocean (and pool). We even squeezed in some snorkeling and biking!

We stayed at the Paradise Island Beach Club, where Jer’s family are long-time owners of a timeshare. It’s very laid back, with an amazing beach, and two pools. It’s also pretty close to Atlantis.

While I’m not a big fan of Atlantis (too unparadise-like for a place called “Paradise Island”), it does have some nice design features. In particular, there is an area called Marina Village. It features a marina for yacht docking, some small shops and a couple of restaurants. It was here (during my first visit in 2007) where we first encountered some decking we were quite taken with.

The decking appears to be 6″ mahogany boards and is used on the porches outside some of the shops. Since we still haven’t totally decided what material we’re using on our deck (although mahogany is at the top of our list) we snapped some pics and I personally conducted the “barefoot test” to see how the wood felt underfoot. The surface felt quite smooth, and it looks like it’s aging nicely. We actually do have two mahogany samples at home in a 4″ board, and a 6″. We were leaning toward the 4″, but after seeing the pics, we are now considering the 6″.

We also saw similar wood in use at Dune, an awesome Jean-Georges restaurant, located at The Ocean Club, just down the beach from where we stayed. Looked great there too and can sort of be seen in the picture below!

While mahogany does sound like a pricey option, and it is, it is actually about half the price of  Trex and other popular composite decking, and looks a lot better. Another option would be cedar. While less expensive than mahogany, it’s not as hard and will not hold up to the elements as well. We do need to make this big decision soon. The framing is done, and after we have our next inspection, the decking is the next step toward finally completing this project!


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