App PREview: Moe’s Southwest Grill

9 Apr


I download and poked around a new online ordering app for my default lunch spot, Moe’s. I haven’t actually tried to order with it yet but I guess it looks promising, and it seems relatively user friendly and as simple as possible.


Just to be clear I would reserve this kind of app for desperate times, not for normal use. A few times I’ve gotten to Moe’s about a minute after an entire school bus of kids was unloaded from a field trip or something as now the line is out the door. This is when the app would come in handy because I could walk straight to the cash register and pick up my order without having to stand in line behind a bunch of teenagers too busy flirting with each other to get their burritos ordered.

I’ll post a followup once I try out the app, which I might do just to see how smooth it goes.

One Response to “App PREview: Moe’s Southwest Grill”

  1. Jerry April 11, 2012 at 9:15 PM #

    Sounds like our friends Mike and Mary were inspired by this post and tried the app out with pretty good success! I still haven’t tried it yet myself, but that’s a good sign!

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