Flashy progress

7 Apr

We were back at it again today, but before that, let me show you how far we got yesterday. You can see in the picture of Corinne with the hand plane that we had a number of joists that were not completely tied in. We had not completed the rim joist around the whole deck and we had the one last joist to add as well. So finally we got the rim joist all tied in so the framing is essentially all done and it finally looks like a deck with no decking, not just a pile of warped boards.


Now we have a better feel for the scale of it from inside the house and also the height from the far end relative to the ground is perhaps more than we anticipated when we designed it so we may be rethinking our full-width stair arrangement.

Today we got to work on the flashing, this is a copper backed membrane that keeps water from flowing in behind the ledger board and getting in to the rim board of the house. This redirects water that falls off the shingles out and over the ledger boards (by under the deck boards). The copper side is placed down because it is resistant to the pressure treated wood. Then there is a self sealing membrane layer and I think the other layer is vinyl. The self sealing layer is a sticky rubbery layer that seals the holes made when you nail through it with roofing nails.

This stuff is actually very thin, like thick aluminum foil almost, so it is actually pretty pliable but it can wrinkle pretty easily as well. We taped it with the Tyvek tape to the Tyvek where we could so water would not flow behind the flashing itself. When the shingles are installed they will also be over the flashing to direct water out. Where the flashing wraps over the edge of the deck we kind of formed a drip edge so water will not run down the face of the boards and wick back under.
After that was all done and I felt like I had hit my thumb enough times we moved on to cutting down the big double 2X12 headers to match the joists. We had left them long initially so we could tweak things to fit and not come up short in the end. Overall not as productive as yesterday but we got some important stuff done and we’re almost at the point we can get our next inspection.


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