El Microondas es Muerte

29 Feb

It’s been a long ride, little buddy, but you’re not cutting the mustard anymore, or melting the butter, or heating things up. We’re gonna have to let you go.


I got this microwave from storage at work many years ago, probably a good eight years ago, if not more. It’s never been the most stylish microwave, but not especially dated looking either, and it’s always worked great, so we never really thought too seriously of replacing this kitchen workhorse.
The other night though, I went to heat something up and it didn’t get hot the first time, so I put it in again for another minute, and again and again… After about 12 minutes in the microwave a little bowl of vegetables was just barely warm. Today, Corinne tried it again to heat up some soup and it was another strike out.

We’re not sure what happened, but I have to imagine it’s not a good idea to keep trying it or to monkey around with the guts of this thing, so I think we may be in the market for a new microwave soon. We had sort of hoped to wait until we decided to redo the kitchen as a whole, but I guess that’s not gonna be the case.


One Response to “El Microondas es Muerte”

  1. Barbara Quinn March 1, 2012 at 9:55 PM #

    Get a new one but don’t get one that’s too fancy ’cause it will be obsolete in a year. Just the basics, at least that’s how I see it. Your house is looking great. I can’t see any pictures. Except the front and I know I’m not doing something right. But don’t have time now as I’m leaving Fri AM for a week in AL. Love, AB

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