One Year!

16 Feb

Yes, one year ago today was the closing on our new home! It was a very exciting, yet tedious, event consisting of nothing but black ink (god forbid you sign something with a blue pen, you’d think I was trying to use a pink crayon!)
But when we finally left that office it was with the keys to our first home, and it was a huge milestone for us. We had big dreams for our new home and we got right to it. Feel free to take a look back at over 250 blog posts and see for yourself, but we’ve been busy… Here’s a quick list of some things we did.

Installed new door locks
Installed a new garage door opener
Started building a giant deck
Cut down a tree (and dozens of bushes)
Got a lawn tractor, weed wacker, leaf blower and generator
Took out a door
Installed a sliding door and a window
Made over our dining room
Hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people
Re-wired about a third of the house
Had a Christmas party
Had a new Heating and hot water system installed
Gutted the basement
Rearranged the guest room
Made some cupcakes, ribs, pizza, pulled pork, clams and a couple of burgers.

That’s just a small sampling and there’s tons more to do in this coming year, hope you keep following along!


2 Responses to “One Year!”

  1. judithiasilli February 16, 2012 at 9:48 AM #

    CONGRATULATIONS! You both must be exhausted!

  2. Marcella February 16, 2012 at 2:25 PM #

    You two just continuously blow us away with the things you accomplish and still manage to have a social life ( never mind working!!).We are so proud and admiring of the terrific jobs you’ve done! Keep enjoying your dreams as you make them come true! Happy Titus Road Anniversary!

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