Product Review: Tide 150oz. Liquid with Pour Spout

13 Feb

This is a review more of the dispensing bottle than the product itself, which is fine. I like to use the powder stuff with bleach (which is color safe actually, but they don’t say that anywhere on the box for some reason).

Anyway, this review is about the giant bottle with the pour spout. Are you tired of unscrewing a cap, then pouring detergent in the washing machine, then having to put the cap back on? Neither was I. The spout seems like a solution in search of a problem. All you have to do now is pull off a cap, fill it from the spout, dump the cap, and put it back on. Sounds like the same number of steps, doesn’t it? Except we’re leaving a step off, which is thoroughly rinsing the cap before replacing it so you don’t wind up with this…


A nice sticky gooey mess on top of your dryer (in our case). After this happened a few times we dug our previous normal bottle out of the recycling bin and simply used the spout bottle to refill it.


Of course, as Melinda and Alex can attest, even a standard bottle of Tide can cause havoc, so watch out!


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