There’s only one way to find it

8 Feb

With the recent move of Corinne’s sister, Melinda and her boyfriend Alex into a new apartment we acquired Melinda’s old full size mattress. We’ve held on to our old full bed frame from Ikea for a few years now, from our old basement to our new basement. We figured the time would come when we’d eventually use it in our guest room and the time has come.
I dusted it off and brought it upstairs to set up and laid out all the pieces to assemble. Well, most of the pieces anyway. It seemed we were missing a crucial component, the entire bag of hardware to put the thing together. We searched and searched and searched everywhere we could think, to no avail.

I decided that there were only two ways to find the missing hardware. One was to throw out the bed (much like when Corinne found her long lost earring the day after she threw out its counterpart).
The other was to buy new hardware. Only having a replacement or no longer needing the hardware would facilitate the finding of it, I knew this as a universal truth.
So I voyaged to Ikea and a very helpful girl in customer service spent about 20 minutes digging and searching to accumulate the various pieces I needed. Finally she found it all and after charging me a few bucks I was on my way. I went home and assembled the bed with the new hardware and put the mattress down on it. The only thing left to do was to make the bed for our inbound guest. I asked Corinne which sheets I should use and she said she’d grab a set, a moment later I heard a scream that could only indicate that she had found a pile of poop on the sheets.
But no, thankfully there was no poop, bugs, old sandwiches or anything else that ran through my mind when I heard that scream. Instead when I ran in there she was holding this…

Yup, no sooner than the moment I finished the bed with the brand new hardware was the old hardware found. I have to assume this phenomena has a name like Murphy’s law or something. Obviously Murphy’s law is taken but there has to be something.
It was the same thing when I searched and searched for the keys for the big lock on my trailer. After about 2 hours of searching I finally got out the angle grinder and cut the lock off. Naturally when I got home I instantly found the keys for the now destroyed $35 lock.

In any event the guest room has finally been upgraded from a twin bed to a full size and now when our most frequent house guests, Melinda and Alex, come to visit they won’t have to squeeze on to a twin size bed like a bunch of scumbags!


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