Fridge be Gone

6 Feb

We missed out last year on this LIPA incentive program to get rid of old, inefficient refrigerators. We were familiar with the program because we actually shot this commercial, so when we moved in to our house we figured we’d eventually recycle the old downstairs fridge. It seemed to be working OK, so we used it for a while, but after getting a high electric bill, we knew that was one of the culprits, so it finally time for it to go. Fortunately the program was back for 2012!

One of our friends had recently taken advantage of the program. They said it was a pretty smooth process, and it was! I went online on Thursday and scheduled the pickup for Monday. They left a message on Sunday with the time frame window and said they’d call when they were leaving the previous pickup.

I got a call about a half hour into the allotted time period saying they were on the way. They showed up at the house 5 minutes later, and 10 minutes after that they drove away with our old fridge. The pickup went pretty smooth – they came into the basement and confirmed that the fridge was working (a requirement to be eligible for the program), put some straps around it, lifted it up the stairs, and out the front door.


So now our old refrigerator that was once part of the “bar scene” downstairs, but also part of our high electrical bills, will theoretically be recycled properly. The best part is that we didn’t have to haul the old beast up the stairs and we get a $50 check for our non-effort! (more than the offer was when we filmed the commercial!)

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