Ridin’ the Z-wave

1 Feb


We have been planning on this for a while but two coordinating events were the impetus for us to finally dive in to the Z-wave world.
The two events that coincided were the installation of our new heating system and the release of the Mi Casa Verde VeraLITE.
What the hell am I talking about? Good question, I’m about to explain, a little. In short, Z-wave is a wireless home automation protocol that allows you to remotely control aspects of your home that are equipped with Z-wave.
Before you jump aboard, this is NOT a simple plug and play system, it is a tinkerer’s game, and a patient tinkerer at that. There is a lot of configuring and testing and scheduling and adding and removing of devices and such. Only a madman would go through so much effort under the guise of making things easier or to “save time”. Anyway, there will be a lot more to come on this topic, here’s a look at the VeraLITE.


For now we have just two devices, the new z-wave thermostat, which we are still getting the hang of, and our existing ishi cam, which was able to be added to the Z-wave network.

Future additions on the wish list include Z-wave door locks, temperature sensors, door sensors, more cameras and Z-wave controlled lighting.


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