Ticketmaster Sucks

27 Jan


Doesn’t it?

We tried to get tickets to a show this morning, both of us on separate computers, and of course the tickets are instantly unavailable. Why? Because tickets have become a commodity to be bought and sold for profit. So when you try to buy tickets to see your favorite bands you are competing with hundreds of people who have probably never heard of your favorite band, but know they can make a quick buck off desperate people like you.

Here’s how it works: these people buy the tickets, then they go on StubHub or TicketsNow, which are essentially legalized online forums for ticket scalping, and sell them for about double the price. Case in point, when we couldn’t find tickets we checked StubHub and of course there were over 500 tickets available for double the face value and higher. This was within a half hour of tickets going on sale. These are not people that planned to the show go and had a last minute change of plans and need to unload the tickets, this is strict profiteering, and Ticketmaster gets a piece of the action (at least on TicketsNow, not sure about StubHub, which is owned by ebay.) Ticketmaster, artists and venues should be actively working to prevent this behavior instead of allowing it and even promoting it. The ticket racket has been going on for some time now, but with the easy and approved online scalping, vs. a couple guys outside the venue, the abuse is rampant.

They can not be stopped, the best hope for a change was Ticket Web and I believe that was quickly bought by Ticketmaster and dissolved. There is a big class action lawsuit over the fees and if successful, a couple lawyers will make a few million dollars and Ticketmaster customers that have been repeatedly overcharged can get a $1.50 credit on a future purchase.
Wow, sign me up!

Sorry if you read this earlier and it has changed. I had to update due to some factual errors, which took a lot of the steam out of my rant.


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