Impulse Purchase

23 Jan

To cope with the loss of the bar in the basement, we made a bit of an impulse purchase on Sunday…

We were at Home Dinko shopping for some supplies for our basement renovations when we stumbled by something in the clearance section. There was a lone kegerator amongst the stoves, microwaves and other appliances. The price was pretty good too, being on clearance, so we had to check it out.

There happened to be a very enthusiastic employee named James who was kind of milling about around the object of attention. Right as we approached he told us that it was a great deal and that he was almost considering buying it himself. He explained that it had been a Black Friday offer and had fallen through the cracks in the back of the store, and therefore had not been sold. He went on to say that the price listed was 30% off the current price but that it wouldn’t ring up like that on the register so we should ask for him if there were any problems.

To clarify, we already HAVE a kegerator, as many may know from our elaborate remote dual-keg setup we had in Sea Cliff. The old one had been modified and repaired by me, was quite old to begin with, and it’s begun to show its age – apparently my modifications were not quite up to fridge code, which led to moisture problems from condensation. So our old kegerator has been relegated to a life out on the back porch by the wood pile.

As we walked around the store we weighed the pros and cons of getting the new guy and looked up some online reviews, which honestly were not that great, but a few people on forums had solutions to most complaints. Plus, James told us that we could return it if we didn’t like it, so we had less to lose.


What sealed the deal was that the fridge included a CO2 tank and regulator, as well as a coupler, and of course the tower with the faucet. So we went for it! And, as James said, we had some issues at the register. The fridge did ring up for less than the pre-discount price, as James said it might. This did not sit well with the cashier so we spent about 10 minutes trying to convince her that it was correct until we finally had her call James, who came and worked it out for us, which still took another 5 minutes. But, when all was said and done we wound up saving an additional fifty dollars!!

We got it home, unpacked it, and set it up in the kitchen. The CO2 tank is very nice and there’s a nice holster for it on the back to make it portable. One of the main complaints people had about this unit is that it won’t get cold enough, so that was the first thing I wanted to test. We plugged it in and I put a cup of water in the fridge to test what temperature it would get to. In the morning the water was down to 36 degrees, and it wasn’t even on the coldest setting, so the biggest worry was unfounded. I’m continuing to test the water at different levels in the fridge and at different settings to see what kind of temperatures I get.

Now we just need to try to get our hands on a keg of Greenport Harbor “Antifreeze” and try this sucker out!

Other Editor’s Note: We do hope to modify this kegerator too, by swapping out the single tower it came with for the double tower we have and were using with our setup in Sea Cliff!


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