Starting Off Fresh

22 Jan

As a result of our upgrade to gas heat and hot water, it seems National Grid decided we should have a new gas meter. As mentioned in a previous post they tried to come on Sunday night. I called back on Tuesday when National Grid opened and scheduled an appointment for Friday when the old oil burner was scheduled to be removed. As it turned out we wound up shooting that day but luckily it was a short day so we were done just in time for me to come meet the tech from National Grid.

He came in and removed the old meter, and installed a new meter mount with a larger diameter piping so the flow should be a little better if needed.


OLD meter mount


NEW mount (with meter)

The new meter has a display that can simply be read as a number, no counter-rotating dials to try decipher.


OLD dials


NEW meter with analog readout

And, you can see right there why the title of this post is “Starting Off Fresh”. We’re right back at zero!


2 Responses to “Starting Off Fresh”

  1. Marcella January 23, 2012 at 11:13 AM #

    This is really more of a question. Do they need to send a meter reader into your house or is it read remotely from their plant or an outside device? Dad was reading yesterday in NYTimes an article about how much cheaper gas is than oil. I had no idea but glad you were able to make the switch. ❤ Mom S

    • Jerry January 23, 2012 at 11:26 AM #

      Yes, we are also quite glad to be off the Oil wagon (or is it on the wagon?)

      No they can not read the meter remotely, ie: someone has to come in to the house to read it directly, although we can submit our reading online, but occasionally they want to come in a check for themselves as well. I talked to the installer about this and while he did concede the technology exists and is in use in other regions, we do not have it on long island. He had a hard time understanding why, but one of his meter reading associates claims that the cost of installing and maintaining the system to remotely read the meters would cost as much, if not more, than the labor cost of the meter readers.

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