Culinary Tour Part 2

5 Jan

It’s been MONTHS since part one of this post but I finally got around to finishing this part. Look for part 3 in the next couple months (or years!)

Friday, day two of our tour, began with a drive to Stone Barns, about an hour South of our hotel near the CIA. It was a little rainy as we left the hotel, but it let up mostly by the time we got to Stone Barns. We made it with about 10 minutes to spare for our 11am tour.

In that 10 minutes it began to rain again, so our tour began under a portico between the gift shop and the cafe. We learned that Stone Barns was once a Rockefeller estate and was basically passed on to be a non-profit sustainable farm. It is now a farm where animals and plants are raised in the most sustainable, natural and healthy way possible.

Animals are fed by grazing and are rotated frequently to take advantage of complimentary relationships, ie. chicken poop fertilizes grass that will later be grazed on by goats or cows. The chickens are moved from place to place by means of mobile egg houses. The chickens instinctively return to them to roost each night, so there is no herding of chickens required for this to take place.

Our tour took us through the Blue Hill kitchen and restaurant, which was hosting a wedding that night, so no reservations were available… and if even if there was no special event that night, we would have needed to make a reservation several months in advance.

Blue Hill Kitchen

Blue Hill Restaurant

Everything about the place is beautiful and impressive. We saw lots of varieties of plants and animals on our tour. Our last stop was in the greenhouses where lots of small vegetables are grown or started. There is a real sense that everyone who works and volunteers at Stone Barns is quite happy to be there.


After our tour, we stopped by the cafe which is run by Blue Hill and it was fantastic. All we had were some little prepared sandwiches and stuff but we loved it! I had a corn and onion focaccia and I couldn’t get enough, I went back for seconds… Twice!

On our way out, we stopped into the farmers’ market that was being held that day and almost wished we were heading straight home so we could take some fresh meat with us to cook.


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