Organizing the Workshop

4 Jan

I buy tools like a girl might by shoes. If I see one I don’t have, I must have it. I’ve worked very very hard to resist buying some of the bigger ticket items I really want but that takes all the will power I can muster, mister!
I do have lots and lots of small and medium ones and lots of bits and pieces for some of the large and medium ones. Currently they reside… Everywhere! From boxes to bins to corners to shelves to the old bar or even on top of other tools.
Corinne knows that I really do want to have a nice, functional, organized work shop so I can actually use it, and to that end she came through with the gift of a very nice rolling tool chest with a 5 drawer base and 4 drawer upper toolbox with ball bearing slides. I have a similar unit (base only) in the garage for all my mechanic’s tools, but this one was destined for the basement. We picked the base up from Corinne’s parents’ house on Sunday, she and her Dad went on a stealth mission to pick it up and kept it there because it was a tad big for Corinne to hide in her closet.
On Tuesday I was able to slide the big box downstairs and bolt on the casters and handle, and put the little guy on the big guy.
I still haven’t started to fill it yet because I’m trying to figure out the best way to do so so it makes sense. But, once I do I should be able to eliminate about 5 or 6 crates and bins, about 4 or 5 cardboard boxes and countless numbers of my infamous “piles” that tend to make things hard to find and annoy the other person who lives here 🙂



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