Raise the Roof (or Drop the Ceiling)

3 Jan

I decided it would be a good idea to take down the grubby ceiling in the “finished” area of the basement to prepare for our upcoming conversion to gas heat and hot water. The ceiling is old and saggy and adds no value to the room. In order to run a new gas line to the new equipment and to run some electrical lines that way it really needed to come down.
I took the ceiling down just using the big DeadOn hammer and my hands. I took care to wear gloves, safety glasses and a mask because it is a dusty, dirty job.

-before picture-

-another before of the beautiful old ceiling, it’s a shame to have to destroy such architectural details-

-some of the spoils of my labor, relics that were stuck up in the ceiling, along with a bottle of “Sun-In” I found in another section of the ceiling.-

-A view of the area near the gas meter with the ceiling gone and the old gas meter surround taken down. There was also a miniature bulkhead that surrounded the existing gas line to the stove and dryer that I also got rid of for clearance for the new installation.-

-The back of the truck full of about 800 pounds of debris from tearing out the ceiling and a little leftover debris from deck construction.-


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