Big Tail Strikes Again

20 Dec

We were awoken at the crack of dawn this morning by a screaming baby… Or so it would seem. I jumped out of a dream to my heart racing and sat straight up in bed. Then I heard it again, and I realized that the baby was not a baby but a cat, or two, actually.
This actually happened once in our old place in Sea Cliff. Apparently Ishi likes to have early morning howling matches through the windows with neighborhood cats.


Yes, the puffy tail club was in full effect, growling, meowing, moaning, howling, whining and possibly drooling were all happening on both sides of the window. It was quite a sight, and even more of a sound. The size of little Ishi’s tail during this exchange would make any raccoon jealous.
The worst part of this whole thing was that I thought it was the middle of the night initially but it turned out that it was only minutes away from my alarm clock going off, now THAT’S a wake up call.


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