Not Again!

19 Dec

Our posts have been lacking for the last week or so due to heavy preparations for our christmas party and a demanding social schedule. We apologize and hope to keep the posts coming…

It was exactly one month ago that we woke up to a cold house and no hot water, and today I heard those dreaded words again… “The water’s not getting hot in the shower!!”

Yes, we were once again down to the dreaded 2 1/2 inch mark on the oil tank measuring stick. This results in 2 other dreaded things, buying more heating oil, and playing oil burner repairman again. I got to make the call to a company that is actually quite nice to work with, MnS Fuel/ Nordica/ Protostar. It’s a company that Is a pleasure to deal with despite the fact that I hate being forced to buy their product. In 2 cases now They have delivered oil within about 4 hours of ordering it.


This time the oil burner kept its prime but all the little filters were clogged again and the little amount of flame was not a clean flame and I had worries about it staying lit.
So, out came the rubber gloves and the mineral spirits and I was ready to be an oil burner repairman again.

The throat of the burner with the nozzle and electrodes removed, the top flips down after removing two screws, then you unscrew the hard copper lone with a flare fitting and a thumb screw that holds the nozzle assembly in place and it slides out.


The nozzle and electrode assembly removed and the nozzle removed for cleaning. The little stone filter was full of sludge so I brushed it with mineral spirits and sprayed it with WD40 to clean out, I also sprayed in the nozzle to make sure it wasn’t clogged anymore. I neglected to get a picture of the pump filter because my hands were filthy at the time. It is a screen filter that I’m guessing filters larger particles before the oil goes into the pump. This was also all gummed up and got the same treatment as the stone filter. After that was cleaned but before reattaching the nozzle I ran the pump for about 10 seconds to clean out any remaining junk left in the lines. I then reinserted and attached the electrodes and nozzle, hooked up the line and closed everything up, hit the switch and we had a nice clean flame, and about 20 minutes later I was taking a hot shower.

A few weeks ago when I was helping my dad with something he offered me a bag of kitty litter, which seemed like an odd thing at the moment, but it came in quite handy in containing the bit of oil that spilled on the floor when cleaning out the lines.

We had hoped the first delivery of Oil we for would also be our last and that we would use it almost all up so we’d barely have any left when we got our gas system installed. I think the endless washing of pots and pans and mixing bowls associated with our Christmas party used about a weeks worth of oil so we’re back at the hundred gallon mark and hopefully about 2 weeks away from switching to gas heat and hot water.


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