Is there an ECHO in here?

2 Dec



After borrowing Derek’s backpack blower and not wanting to abuse his generosity we decided it would be wise for us to get our own. We decided to go one model up to the 500, because we have so many leaves from our giant old trees.
I initially picked up a PB500T from Home Depot but before I even opened it, I decided I’d prefer to give the business to a local dealer. This helps keep our money local and also will help in the future in case there are any service or warranty issues to deal with. My obvious choice was to head to the promised land, or as it’s officially known, “Big Valley”. Big Valley is a power equipment store in Glen Head that has all the REAL landscaping stuff, this is where real pros get their equipment. Echo, Stihl, Husqvarna, Billy Goat, Red Max, Walker, and tons of brands you’ve never heard of because they don’t have them at home depot.
I spoke to a guy who was very well versed in Leaf Blowers and he basically affirmed that I had an appropriate model for our property unless I felt like spending a few hundred more. The only question was whether to stick with the “T” model or go with the “H” model. T indicates a Tube mounted throttle, while H indicates a Hip mounted throttle. The Tube mounted throttle has a trigger on the handle of the tube and the Hip throttle is mounted on a flexible wand on the left side, more of a Jet Pack feeling. He assured me that there was nothing wrong with either one but all the pros use the hip throttle. I went back and forth a bit and decided to go away from my original choice and go with the Hip throttle. They only carry the hip throttle there but they could have gotten me a tube throttle if I wanted it. The hip throttle will also help in case my landscaper neighbor ever catches me using it.
The blower was a few more bucks at Big Valley because they don’t sell a thousand units a week, and you get the personal service and advice. The guy put it together for me on the spot, registered the warranty (5 Years!) and offered to have the guys in the repair department do the initial fire-up for me. I declined because I was putting it in the back seat while I returned the other one to Home Depot, but it was a nice gesture.
I got right to work on the front yard when I got home and worked ’til dark. I’m definitely gonna get more chances to use it because the backyard is full of leaves again. If only I could figure out an easy way to bag the things now!


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