Lost and Found

29 Nov

Our big Thanksgiving cleanup unveiled two things that were misplaced a while ago, and which had both been almost given up on finding. A tension screw for the Stihl chainsaw Corinne’s dad gave us and the hour meter for the Honda EU2000i generator. I figured I might as well go ahead and install the hour meter before it gets lost again!
I heard installation was easy, and it was, writing this blog post with all the pictures below took longer than the installation I think. The hardest part was determining where to mount the hour meter so that it would be easy to run the sensor lead, easily visible, and not subject to damage or in the way when trying to carry it. I initially planned to locate it on the spark plug access hatch but it would then act as a tether for the hatch and I thought that could be risky so I bit the bullet and located on the other side where the controls and pull start cord are, which required drilling a tiny hole in the generator, after I made darn sure that it was safe to drill in that spot.

The access hatch on the top of the generator

The access hatch removed


The “sensor lead” wrapped around the spark plug wire. Somehow this picks up the high voltage pulse of the engine and starts the clock running while the engine is running and stops when it’s not so it keeps a lifetime tally of engine hours.

Drilling a hole for the lead to exit the generator case and enter the hour meter


You can barely even see it but the lead is pressed into the back if the meter and it goes right into the hole, which is a tight fit and then covered by the meter to reduce the chance of rainwater getting in. You can also see the double sided adhesive tape on the bottom of the hour meter.


Here’s the installed hour meter after a 4 hour test drive



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