A step in the right direction

28 Nov

We accomplished a few important things on Sunday. One of which was clearing out a good number of boxes in our master “boxroom”. Corinne took all of her remaining shoes from various boxes and somehow fit them in her closet. We threw out a few other boxes and sorted out some other stuff and you can actually walk around in there a little. Once we get the Christmas decorations out of there it will really open it up.
One of the biggest things we were finally able to get out of the room, and the real goal we wanted to accomplish today was to hang our giant Capiz light fixture that we had in our bedroom in Sea Cliff. (It doesn’t actually seem so giant now that it’s in a much larger room) We decided it might be a nice accent in the corner near the fireplace. There was no existing fixture to begin with so we had to cut a hole in the ceiling for the fixture box. We got a retrofit Safe-T-Bar type ceiling fixture box that spreads to fit tight between the joists to support the octagon box. It was a little more expensive but a lot easier to install than the new construction style one we installed in the dining room.
I ran wire to the box up in the attic but that’s as far as we got today, so it’s not working yet, but it looks nice up there.


We’re trying to decide how we want to arrange the switches for this light, an existing switched lamp outlet, and some planned high hats. We also plan to run new power to these lights on a new dining room lighting circuit to eliminate the existing aluminum wire, so it will take a little more work than just tying in to an existing switch or outlet.


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