Thanksgiving: Survived

25 Nov

We just had a full day of much needed relaxation after we hosted our first ever Thanksgiving. It was quite an undertaking and we were both exhausted from about 5 days of cooking, cleaning, building, and decorating.

Corinne was the real hero, creating a culinary experience of epic proportions for a dozen people. Some of the most complicated versions of theoretically simple classic dishes were creates all from scratch.There were a few fumbles along the way, some of them my fault, but we persevered, we got through it and everyone had a great time, and was raving about the food.

We did have lots of people willing to help us when we would let them and we relied on their previous Thanksgiving experience to guide us through a few things.



Our table was not quite sufficient to seat 12 people so our initial thought was to throw a piece of plywood on top to extend it from 3×6 to 4×8. We tried it out and at some point we realized it wasn’t going to cut it so we’d have to go to 10 feet long, which is bigger than a standard sheet of plywood so I’d need to add 2 feet to a 4×8 and therefor need to frame the whole thing out for support.


This was also the first unveiling of our newly mostly completed dining room and living room and it got some great reactions from people arriving. We’re very happy with how it came out and we were so happy to share our home with a group of people we love for our first big holiday.

One Response to “Thanksgiving: Survived”

  1. judithiasilli November 26, 2011 at 11:30 AM #

    It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. Great food, great company and outstanding hosts. Thank you to Corinne and Jeremy for their hospitality. You two work so well together. P.S. Love the new decor!

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