Paint Job

22 Nov

As part of our renovations of the dining room and in preparation for thanksgiving we are doing a little painting. More accurately, a professional painter is doing some. He’s doing his best to make some aging walls look as good as they can. He was recommended by Corinne’s parents and, so far, we’re quite pleased with his work.

The first step was one that was a big chore, clearing the living room and dining room. Most of the dining room was IN the living room and the dining room was basically full of tools and supplies. It was a bit like moving again and the emptiness of the rooms reminded us of how everything looked when we first moved in.


The painter got right to work fixing and patching spots in the wall and nails that had popped up over time. In fact, he screwed in pretty much the entire wall where the fireplace is.

He then went on to spackle and sand everything and then today he started laying down some color!

That picture is taken through the plastic sheeting we put up to keep the dust out of the kitchen.

Everybody is pretty excited about the painting, except poor Ishi who has been spending a lot of time locked up in the guest room or pawing at the plastic trying to get in to the paint zone.


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