Goin’ Hot!

18 Nov


Well, I sort of feared this and it came true…
Since I did not follow Corinne’s advice and stick the Oil tank last weekend we ran out this morning, as you should know from the previous post. Running out and having to buy more is bad enough, but there were other complications… We lost our prime, or the oil pump did, at least. Because the lines ran dry they got air in them, and also a bunch of gunk got into the filter and nozzle. So today I became an Oil burner repairman… complete with the smell, I’m guessing.
I had to remove the nozzle and clean that and its filter and then clean the pump screen filter. I had to backtrack all the way to the main feed line and clean things out until I was able to get the oil flowing to the nozzle.
I am happy to report that faster than you can say “who do I make the check out to?” I had the system up and running again. I celebrated by doing a lap around the basement with my arms simulating a locomotive kind of action. (I might add that my Petzl headlight added to the realism of my display)


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