Fill ‘er up!

18 Nov

We woke up this morning to a VERY chilly house. I thought/hoped that Jer had turned the heat way down last night before bed (since I have a tendency to turn it up, forget to turn it back down, & wake up sweating around 3AM.) But I checked the thermostat, and it was just under 70. The radiators were cold, and there was only lukewarm water coming out of the faucets… Naturally this morning it was 35 degrees out with a real feel of 27 – mind you, it was 68 on Tuesday!!!

My next hope was that the burner just needed to be reset with the hidden reset button. That was the problem the first time we woke up to no heat, and 3 or 4 more times after that. But this morning that didn’t work either… So Jer went out into the frosty morning air, 12′ dipstick in hand, to measure what was left in the tank. The first time we had 9.5″ which was about 70 gallons. Today, 2.5″, which is only about 7 gallons!

We were holding out as long as possible because we are going to switch to gas, but sadly we can wait no longer.. We had to bite the bullet and order 100 gallons of that gross stuff to hold us over until the big switcheroo. Fortunately it can be delivered today, and we can pay by check to save a few $$.

Fingers crossed that this is the one & only time we need to buy oil!


After calling at 9am this morning the very nice people at MnS/ Protostar delivered our oil only 4 hours later! Not bad! The delivery guy told me to wait a while to turn the burner back on because the sediment in the tank is probably stirred up from the fill-up.
He also had to use a special filler tube with a breather built into it because he had a feeling our vent wasn’t working because there was no whistle noise as he tried to fill it.



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