Crowning Around

13 Nov

After doing all the coping yesterday we were fresh this morning to cut the mouldings to length and install them.
Let’s just say that installing crown moulding is not for the faint of heart. Unless your house is absolutely perfect (and it isn’t, I promise) you’re going to have some parts that don’t quite match up exactly as you’d hope. Our house is FAR from perfect so we ran into lots of issues. The wacky angles, wavy walls and then the paneled ceiling make for lots of spots that don’t want to line up nice and tight.
And then there’s the corners. It was a fight but we got it all in and it looks relatively decent, nothing a few tubes of caulking won’t fix! I think it came out not perfect by any means but for our first effort I think we did OK. I think the fact that we hired a professional painter to finish it off will make it look very nice.



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