Whitewash Testing

10 Nov

Well, we’re already taking advantage of our new work platform. Not by standing on it but by using it as a place to try out some samples of whitewashing techniques.


We purchased a pre-mixed white stain by Minwax, which is the first thing we tested. The instruction say to brush it on and then wipe it off within 3 minutes. We did just that on 2 boards and there was, truthfully, very little to show for it. Because the white pine is quite white to begin with, I think this stain is more suited to darker woods or pine that was previously stained a darker color.

Then, I decided to get a little creative and trying wingin’ it a little. I opened up the can of primer Corinne used in the kitchen and ragged it on to the wood, then immediately wiped it off. Already the results were far closer to what we were looking for than the Minwax. Later today I will try another coat to see if it gets a little lighter. If it works then we might be ready to do the actual ceiling!

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