Post 200!!! (dining room progress)

8 Nov

This was a big weekend as far as progress in the dining room is concerned. We’ve sort of been teasing it, but now that we’re done (with the first step at least) we can reveal what our project has been.

We always wanted to do some sort of paneling or planking on the dining room ceiling to set it apart from the other rooms. When we saw the whitewashed V-notch pine ceiling at Sarah Richardson’s summer cottage we were pretty sure we knew what we were going to do. So last weekend, in the snow, we picked up 30 ten foot 1x5s, which then had to be profiled with the router on both sides. If you do the math that’s 600 linear feet of router work!

Once all the wood was profiled, it was then cut down to size and brought back upstairs to install on the ceiling. We then spent the next day and a half with our noses in the air, because we were working overhead the whole time. We did run into a number of high pressure air issues – we had one regulator go bad for the CO2 tank, then we had some issues with the air compressor when we tried to switch to that, and then our second CO2 regulator had a couple issues, but we finally got our act together and we were up and running with the nail gun.


The picture below shows a little sneak peak of the (not quite) finished product. When you try to line one piece of wood next to another one tightly you really learn how un-straight a board really is. Let’s just say the dozens of clamps I have came in handy trying to squeeze the seams together, when the clamps were too close to the wall or too far to reach a system of blocks and wedges we developed worked wonders.


The next step is to do the whitewashing and follow that up with the crown moulding. A day off this week would be nice…


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