Paint the… Living Room & Dining Room (Hopefully!!)

3 Nov

Well, after all the hard work Jer and I have been doing ourselves around the house we finally broke down and decided to call in a professional! Of the many things, we can do and have done, you’d think painting would be a breeze… But really we just don’t like doing it, and we’re not good at it.

Painting is a tricky thing because in theory it’s no big deal (compared to knocking out an exterior wall and installing an 8′ sliding door), but in actuality it kinda is! The priming, the taping, the multiple coats… and even if you do all that, that won’t guarantee it will even look good. It’s really more of an art.

So, after seeing some impressive “artwork” at my parents’ house, we were determined to hire the painter they just used. He did a great job of filling in cracks, smoothing out bumpy walls, and finishing off moldings. The one zinger is that because he’s so good, he’s in high demand and not immediately available – a good sign, according to Mike Holmes! I met with him yesterday, and he’s going to try to squeeze us in either just before or just after Thanksgiving.

We’re really, really hoping for before, and I gave him our sob story about hosting our first Thanksgiving… Hopefully that, and the fact that it’s really not that big of a job (very few surfaces to paint in the dining room), and that we already have our colors picked will get us in before the big day!


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