What’s up? Nut’n Bolty!

13 Oct

Well, we finally got a chance on Sunday to return to the deck project a little, and it was quite the perfect day. We’d probably be further along if every work day we had was like this, warm, dry, and sunny but not beating down on you, a little lower so it was peaking throughout the trees a bit.
We finally got to install the bolts for the ledger board. Ideally this would have been done prior to framing out the whole deck but it wasn’t a big deal, it just amounted to a little more climbing around. The good thing is that we were able to install the joists without having to worry about working around the bolts. I went down in the basement and measured out the joist spacing of the floor and any obstacles in the drilling area like the drain for the kitchen sink. Then I transferred those measurements to the outside and we were able to figure out where we could put bolts so they’d wind up between the deck joists and the floor joists.
We got a special drill bit just for the job and it was $8 well spent. It’s a speedbore bit that does a great job of drilling through the 3 2x8s the bolts have to go through.
We would drill a hole, and slip the 8″ bolts in and hammer them in a mallet. Then we’d put a dab of silicone at the bolt head to keep water from flowing in. Then one of us would go down in the basement and put on a bolt and washer and hold the wrench while the other turned the ratchet.




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