Running on Empty?

6 Oct

We woke up to a bit of a situation this morning. No hot water!! My immediate assumption was that we were out of oil.

The tank was filled just before our closing back in February, so I figured we were probably getting low. There’s no totally accurate way to check this though because the gauge on our 55 year old system no longer works. We do have a giant measuring stick my father gave us to use after they switched to gas heat. Basically you put this 12′ stick into the oil tank outside and read the markings when you pull it back out. (Kinda like checking the oil on your car with a ruler.) Jer measured it at 9.5″, which according to the chart (as seen below) we supposedly have around 70 gallons left.

Upon consulting with my parents who’ve had oil heat up until earlier this year, they suggested that perhaps what’s left in our tank is just sludge, or mostly sludge and that’s clogging up the lines, preventing the furnace from operating properly.

There is a reset button of some sort on there, which Jer did reset, but that didn’t do anything. We’re gonna have to bring in a pro to assess this one, and quick because it’s starting to get nippy here, and I don’t enjoy showering at my gym.

Hopefully this is something we can easily repair for the time being, because we really want to switch to gas heat this year, and hope to never have to pay for oil (The fill-up before our closing was covered by the seller!); especially since current prices are about the same per gallon as gas for a car!


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