Chicken Tonight

20 Sep

I got a fun little birthday present as a response to my previous failed attempt at carving a chicken, a very nice carving/boning knife (and a Boos cutting board and carving fork to go with it)
Oh, and there was one more thing to go with it… A whole chicken! So tonight after a very long day at work I got to work making some chicken.


Of course, before those beauties came out of the oven, or went in, the whole chicken had to be broken down. Due to my poor showing last time carving a chicken, I watched a few videos on YouTube including a few I really liked by Andrew Zimmern.

Watching and reading all these culinary related things recently has really gotten us interested in stocks. So it was a great opportunity to make good use of all the bones and stuff to try and make chicken stock. I made use of several books including one by Robert Irvine (another birthday present) and one by Julia Child to get me going in the right direction.

The chicken bones and leftovers simmer so the fat floats up and can be skimmed off.

Some veggie bits ready to go in the pot.

The stock simmers away…
Smells really good!!


One Response to “Chicken Tonight”

  1. Melinda September 20, 2011 at 1:27 PM #

    Looks like a photo shoot for Bon Appetit!

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