Meter Reader

15 Sep

Just got a little package in the mail today. (Which is a bit odd, since I believe I paid for UPS shipping. I got an email saying my item was shipped, but the tracking info didn’t actually activate for another 2 days, sounds more like the kind of service you could expect from FREE shipping!)
Anyway this is the item we received…

It’s an hour meter for our new Honda EU2000i generator. (flanked by my Apple Wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad, more on that in a future post)
The hour meter will allow us to keep track of the time the engine runs to make sure we maintain it on schedule.

On a car you would refer to the odometer but since a generator doesn’t move, you measure the use in hours. If you want to protect your investment with proper maintenance, adding an hour meter like this is easy and inexpensive and takes the guesswork out of scheduling maintenance such as oil and filter changes.

In the next few days I should get a chance to install this and I’ll
Cover it right here.



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