Rendering an idea

8 Sep

The other day I had a little brainstorm. I had come up with a little concept about a treatment for the front entry of the house. We have in our minds a plan for the front of the house where the front door moves from the side hallway to the living room directly. This is due to our desire to reclaim some of that space for our future “master suite”.
The problem with this idea is that you would enter straight into the living room and there would be no buffer zone, this could be especially problematic if it’s cold out.
The solution I came up with creates a buffer zone that would also make a feature of the entrance. But one of the best things about this concept is what it would do to the exterior of the house, the curb appeal, specifically. It would transform the house, visually, and as an added benefit it would make it look much different from other houses nearby which may be cut from the same cloth, to put it lightly. Our current project of the deck is revitalizing the back of the house and the backyard, and this would do the same for the front.

Keep in mind that this design is based on what we like to call “fantasy measurements”, meaning that it’s not to scale whatsoever. I had an idea and I needed to portray it somehow and I knew that if I tried to make it true to scale I’d never get it done. I whipped it up using google sketchup, which is a useful, but frustrating program to use.
Again, this is just a rough concept but we’re kind of excited by how different it would make the house look and how much of a nice bright entrance it will be to come home to.


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