Branching Out

1 Sep

Apparently yesterday the city of Glen Cove was auto-dialing pretty much everyone in town to give them an update about recovery efforts. The city website also included this info. Part that interested us was that they said all you had to do was put any fallen branches out on the curb and they would collect them. We had an extensive collection of small branches basically carpeting our whole yard, and a few large ones. Our neighbor behind had a large section of a tree come down on their shed, and a good amount of this came over to our side of the fence.

After dragging a couple of these large branches from the rear-most part of the yard all the way to the street, I decided it was time to call in reinforcements.

Yes, I drove the truck in the backyard! I first had to move what is left of the deck lumber supply so I could get through, but it saved a lot of effort (maybe, or maybe it was just fun). Once I had all the big branches in the truck I drove it out front and unloaded it by the street. I then proceeded to fill a half dozen or so wheelbarrows full of sticks and small branches. I dumped all that on the side of the street as well.

The pile was complete and I prepared to get used to seeing it in front of the house. We’ve become accustomed to piles of leaves or branches sticking around for a long long time. Both here and in Sea Cliff where you were instructed to put your leaves on the curb for pickup, which happened eventually some time in early December.
Miraculously, though, I left the house for a few hours and returned home to see the piles GONE! The City of Glen Cove had delivered on their promise, and quick! I’m probably lucky I got done as early as I did or I may have missed out!
A good go with the lawn tractor and our yard was looking better than it has since that dry spell started in July.


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