Power Hungry

29 Aug

We have now hit the 24 hour mark with no power, and the end does not seem to be near. Corinne’s parents were without power but had it restored by this morning and graciously offered to let us borrow their generator, now that they are back on the grid. This comes as a relief since water was beginning to pool under the fridge and we were naturally becoming worried about the food contained within.

I hustled over to their house, dodging a number of felled trees on my way. I had brought a few pieces of 2×8 to serve as a ramp so as not to throw my back out. This was a great idea it turns out because generators are not light, and the bed of the truck is probably over 3 feet high! I then rushed it back home, quickly set it up, and got the fridge plugged in.


I quickly realized that we’d both have headaches if I didn’t move this little guy farther from the house, both because of the noise and the exhaust. I found our very long extension cord and ran it all the way out in the backyard, now the noise is tolerable and the fumes are far away.

Now our food is safe and our main concern is making sure we have enough gas on hand to keep the genny running. The new 5-gallon tank I picked up this afternoon will make sure of that.

Thanks so much to Sal and Judy!


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