“Batter Down the Hatches”

27 Aug

That’s what I heard someone say while we were eating lunch today at La Bottega. I got a big kick out of it so I had to use it as the title of this post. Obviously, the term is to batten down the hatches, which is derived from an old sailing term. The battens themselves were strips of wood used to secure tarps over the hatches when inclement weather was coming.

Well, speaking of inclement weather, everyone has hurricane fever so we had to join in and do a little battening of our own. I am really of the mindset that the media likes to blow these things out of proportion. Last year, we were in Montauk during the “hurricane” which consisted mainly of light rain, light winds, and about 10 camera crews shooting the “storm” 24 hours a day, so you can see how I take the ominous threats by the media with a huge helping of salt.

Apparently, I am in the minority because all the stores are out of food, the local gas station is OUT OF GAS, and Home Depot is out of plywood, gutters, tarps, generators, etc.

We didn’t want to miss out on the fun entirely, so our main focus was on containing things that could become airborne and do damage and making sure our gutters would properly disperse the water so our basement doesn’t get flooded. We moved the car forward in the garage and put the barbecue and patio furniture behind it.

We brought the outdoor table under the porch and put it upside down on styrofoam and ratchet strapped it down. We strapped two propane tanks and a CO2 tank to the keg fridge. Finally, we screwed our temporary plywood decking down so it doesn’t go flying away IF the wind kicks up.

We extended the downspouts in the front away from the house with a scrap piece of downspout and a 4″ PVC pipe. Then, I hopped up on the ladder and cleaned out the gutters… at least I thought I did. When it started raining this evening the front gutter was pouring over the gutters instead of coming out of our newly extended downspout. I got the ladder back out and took a look and determined that the downspout had become clogged where it connects to the gutter. Once I cleared that out, the water was flowing out on the lawn away from the house where we intended. We’ll see what happens!


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