Flashback Re-Cap

23 Aug

After a very productive weekend of deck work, we took Monday night off. I went to the gym, which has taken a backseat with all this deck work going on (to the point where the last time I was there, my whereabouts were questioned by an instructor, and I was welcomed back by a fellow gym-goer!)

Our landscaping has also taken a backseat to our deck work as well, so Jer got out the ride-on-mower (a.k.a. Chompley) and took it for a spin around the front yard. He also went on a little shopping spree at ACE Hardware before he got home and had a new “toy” to play with after mowing, but more on that in a future post.

Speaking of new toys, in a previous post Jer wrote about our new webcam, the DLink DCS-930L. It’s pretty neat! We’ve made a few fun time lapse videos of our deck progress, and below is our first.

It’s from the second weekend Jer’s Dad came to help us out. This was probably a good 10-12 hour day, neatly compacted into a less than one minute piece! Enjoy!!


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