You Can Accomplish Anything Before Lunch…

21 Aug

As long as you have lunch really late!
We completed the bulk of the deck framing this “morning” prior to a well deserved trip to Moe’s.

It was quite a feat, and a bit of a tedious process. We needed to install blocking as we went along, and it’s not a simple process. You can’t just cut a bunch of blocks the same size all at once. Because the thickness of the joists is not 100% the same and some are a little cupped one way or the other you need to account for the variations based on your overall measurement from the original edge.
In addition, the joists from the sliding door on need to be about 26 feet long (the biggest 2X8 they make is 20 feet) so we made them out of a 14 footer and a 12 footer, the trick about that is that the two parts need to butt up right on one of the headers, and then be joined with an overlapping cut-off of the same material. This meant lots and lots of nailing, and now lots of blisters, as a result.

The scale of the deck is now fully apparent, and it is quite large indeed. We can’t wait to get some decking on and set up our furniture!


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