Big Thursday

19 Aug

We got out of work just about a half hour early Thursday but it was enough to give us a good push to get working on the deck and take advantage of the light. First step, of course, was to hose ourselves down with bug spray. After that we set up the saw and got cutting joists. We were able to install just about all the joists that are outside the sliding door. We actually needed to install one more post for the ledger board where it extends past the house and we were short a joist hanger or two.
Once we got all the joists installed we laid some plywood down so we could easily walk around on the joists. This was very exciting because it gave us our first opportunity to walk in and out of the door without having to step down, and also to get a feel for the headroom clearance under the soffits and the relative height of the new widow. Everything seems to make a lot more sense when you get up to that level.

The thing that really got us to stop working was the thunder and lightning that started. It seemed an impending storm was moments away, so we scrambled to put everything away, install an impromptu gutter downspout and break down the webcam. It never did rain but it was dark at that point anyway so it was time to make dinner, a few leftover clams and some nice bread and burrata made for a good meal after a successful evening of work.

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