Back in the Groove!

18 Aug

Wednesday after work, I was able to solicit the help of our good friend Jimmy again to “help unload the grill from the truck”, I’ve been driving around with since Sunday. While he was here, I figured I might as well put him to work with some other heavy lifting! Since we discovered a surplus of beer in our keg from the camping trip (due to a pinched line which made us think it was empty when it wasn’t) we hooked it up again at home. Ice isn’t a very efficient way of keeping it cold, so it was time to pull the keg fridge out of the garage and fire it up. And while we were at it, the main unit of the table saw was on top of the keg fridge, so we brought that down to the basement where it belongs.

Now two large items are out of the garage where they were making it pretty tight to get the car in, and also not serving their respective functions- cutting wood and cooling and dispensing beer.

When Corinne got home, we finished hooking up the keg and cleaning up, then we were finally ready to get back to deck work. We switched out the shims on the header closest to the sliding door with pressure treated ones, and then began installing a couple of the joists by the sliding door. We had to do a little figuring and measuring so we got two done before we decided it was too dark and we were being too noisy to continue. But we’re on our way and it should go relatively smoothly for the rest of them.



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