Weekend Project: Outdoor Kitchen

15 Aug

OK, we haven’t actually started building our backyard kitchen, although it is on our to-do list. We actually took the weekend off to go camping with a group of 15 people, and we took care of all the food. So we did create a temporary outdoor kitchen in the woods at our camp site.

This is far from roughing it, as far as food is concerned. We had a real BBQ, Blue Point Toasted Lager on Tap, a washing station, fresh drinking water, all the kitchen utensils we needed, a table, chairs, tents, lighting, snacks, a butane stove for pancakes and hot water boiling. We prepared many items such as pulled pork, my famous six-hour baby back ribs, corn bread, pancakes, tri-color pasta salad, guacamole, white wine steamed little neck clams with toasted ciabatta, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and more. It was a feast fit for camping kings and it was a big hit with everyone and lots of fun to do. Now we’re back home so hopefully we can get back to making progress on the deck so we can have a similar feast at home in the near future!

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